Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot

Less chores, more play

The Incredible Wexbi Window Cleaner makes house cleaning easier and faster!
  • Are you tired of cleaning windows?

    Our remarkable Robot for Window Cleaning makes it easy for you to clean windows outdoors and indoors. It's perfectly suitable for cleaning windows outside on the hiest floors.
  • Get more free time

    Enjoy an incredibly relaxing time while your robot will clean your windows for you!
  • Fast and quiet

    Brushless motor. Wexbi Cleaner is one of the fastest window cleaner robots on the market! It only takes 3 minutes to clean 10.8ft2. Almost no noise, very quite, it has longer service life too!

See it in action by yourself!

Suitable for different materials

Glass, marble, tiles, table, mirrors, windows, floors, kitchen counters, etc. You can use a smart robot mop to wash both the windows and bathroom walls.
cable   Cleaner support 40 foot long extension cables
settings_remote   The remote control works with a distance of up to 10 foot
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Buy this incredible device and learn by yourself why Wexbi Cleaner Robot is the favorite home gadget of dozens of social influencers on Instagram and TikTok!
map   Intelligent planning of cleaning route
anchor   Built-in UPS anti-falling system
card_giftcard   Free gift with every purchase

Customer reviews

  • Very quiet, it sounds like my neighbor next door vacuuming, you can barely hear it. Most importantly it does the job and does it well, it cleaned not only my windows but also my glass door and tiles in the bathroom, even walls in the leaving room got clean.
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    American YouTuber

  • This robot is absolutely the best! Very easy to use, it took me 2min to get is set up. The instructions are self explanatory.
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    Kendall Jenner

    Social Influencer

About us

We created Wexbi products because our passion is finding ideas and creating simple but helpful products that help to make our homes places where living is easy and brings joy.

We strongly believe that everything can be better than most people used to. And these include window cleaning!

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